Deltrina Johnson
Assistant Director
Katherine Thomas

     Boulevard Babies and Pre-K Academy Family Daycare focuses on building a positive self-image for each child from infancy to school age. Both our interpersonal home and school environment are directed toward a supportive, trust worthy, and interesting setting that gives each child the opportunity to have a wide variety of experiences in a protective environment.

     Our directors, teachers, and staff are trained and continue to be trained to project a sense of consistent warmth and support for the children. They learn to redirect them when necessary and set appropriate limits for them as well. This creates a memorable experience that enhances the children’s growth and development. Our program and curriculum are based on many years of training and research extracted from other programs such as Merritt College Children's Lab, Mills College Children's Lab and other childcare resources. These resources equip our staff with the skills necessary to give our children quality care and instruction.

     The passion to create Boulevard Babies & Pre-K Academy began with Lake Merritt Little People; a family daycare previously owned by Boulevard Academies head director Deltrina Johnson. LMLP Daycare opened its doors in 1979. By the time it closed in 2008 over 800 families in the SF Bay Area were provided quality care for their children. LMLP Daycare's closing was simply the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. The Boulevard Academy vision crystallized in 2008 as a result of the hard work of Deltrina Johnson and her Co-Visionary Kassie Thomas.

     Our mission at Boulevard Babies & Pre-K Academy is to focus on the whole child, nurturing their cognitive, emotional, creative, and physical growth through play. Our learning stations include but are not limited to: cooking, dramatic play, language arts, art, table toys, music, and movement. An essential piece of our program is the project based "Emergent Curriculum". The basis of this curriculum is validating your children’s input and ideas by inviting them to assist the teachers.